Zara Handley

Hi. I am Zara and I teach ESOL. To become an ESOL tutor must be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It is such a good feeling to see 8-9 foreign learners   speaking one language, English in one group. I unite learners from Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Pakistan, Turkey, Eritrea, Montserrat, China, Thailand, and India, by teaching them English language, its culture, history and values. Just like in my picture where I am standing among more than 200 hundred bears each representing different country and holding hand in hand for friendship and solidarity.

My lessons are full of discussions, laughter, and fun. Learners learn English while discussing their own culture, food and religion and also compare them to British ones. Culture clash, does it happen during the lesson? Yes, it does, but that always challenges my learners to learn more words to win the dispute.

My lessons cover all four skills of English, speaking/listening/reading/writing plus IT ESOL, Citizenship and any support that learners might need, including help with looking for job, booking travelling, filling complicated forms, also looking for the right solicitor.

We do have 10 min break time, but my learners sometimes forgive me for missing it.

My guilty secret is Ferrero Rocher chocolates and fancying Italian journalist and TV presenter Francesco de Mosto – emm, then Italian food, its history, music, etc.

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