Peter Goodwin

I am Pete and I teach a range of computer courses mainly for beginners but can do higher level courses if someone asks me to.  I’m passionate about the way IT can improve people’s lives but how the people who could benefit most don’t use it.

I spent a lot of my working life working with community groups mainly on computer projects and started to realise that, firstly if a person is not able to use a computer these days then you are left behind for jobs, savings etc but also the training for very basic users by most trainers seemed wrong.  It mainly seems to consist of being taught which button to press to do something and then remembering it! Well there are thousands of actions and commands so no chance.

I try to run courses that help people understand how a computer works so they can solve problems and work out which button to press for themselves.  After all you don’t learn to drive a Ford then a Vauxhall then a VW. You learn to drive a car and work out what to do when you get in a new car.

I am still learning too! I am trying, possibly failing to keep up with the new stuff in computing like twitter, and the rest but I reckon I can find a WEA course for it soon.

Peter’s guilty secret is, “I like the Chuckle Brothers.”

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