WEA & Safeguarding

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding covers the full range of preventative measures in place to protect young people and vulnerable adults from potential danger, including sexual, physical, emotional and financial abuse, neglect and acts of omission and discriminatory abuse. Vulnerable adults are people who ‘may be in need of community care services and who may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from significant harm or exploitation because of disability, mental health issues, age or illness for example’. (Department of Health, 2000)

Who is responsible for safeguarding in the WEA?

All learners and staff (including tutors, creche and support workers, volunteers and trustees) are responsible for creating an environment that promotes well being and ensures personal safety.

We issue all our tutors with information on safeguarding; you can read what we say to them here (PDF 258kb)

Any issues or concerns should be reported in confidence to the regional Designated Safeguarding contacts:

Mel Lenehan
0115 962 8400


Deb Chambers
0115 962 8400

Our full safeguarding policy can be downloaded here (PDF 72kb)