Do I have to pay a fee?

Do I have to pay a fee?

Courses are free if you want to develop your literacy and numeracy skills.

Contact Caroline on 0115 985 8203 or to ask about having an assessment of your skills, about free courses and about taking a National Certificate in literacy or numeracy.

There will be a fee for most other courses.

Can I get help with tuition fees?

If your course is not free, you may still be entitled to fee remission. You will usually need to be:

• A UK or EU citizen, and

• Resident in the UK for 3 years when the course starts, and

• On an income-based benefit – or be the dependant of someone who is.

You may also get fee remission if:

• You have refugee status or official Leave to Remain or Humanitarian Protection. You will need to provide evidence of your residency status when you enrol – usually your passport stamp.

• You are an asylum seeker. You will need to show proof of Asylum Support, and that you have been in the UK legally for six months or more, and that the Home Office is still considering your claim. You will need to show your Asylum Registration Card or equivalent.

Accreditation and exam fees can be claimed through Discretionary Learner Support as additional course costs.

Tuition fees cannot normally be claimed through Discretionary Learner Support. The exceptions are:

• If you suffer sudden or exceptional financial hardship but cannot get fee remission

• If you are on an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course and suffer financial hardship but cannot get fee remission.

If you are on a university-level course, you will not normally be able to get fee remission or other help through the WEA. Your university may be able to help you.

If you are not sure of your status or need further information, contact Caroline on 0115 985 8203 or

Evidence of benefit status
If you are entitled to fee remission, please bring evidence of your benefit status to the WEA Nottingham Community Involvement office before your course begins. Our address is:

WEA Nottingham Community Involvement
Unit 2, John Folman Business Centre,
31 Hungerhill Road, Nottingham NG3 4NB