Discretionary Learner Support (DLS)

To get help, you will need to meet the residency requirements for fee remission. You will also need to show that financial difficulties are likely to prevent you from following and completing your course.

We’re sorry that receiving Asylum Support does not qualify you for this fund.

We will ask you to provide evidence that financial difficulties are preventing you from learning. This might include:

  • Proof of income-based benefit (e.g. your WEA Enrolment Form) or
  • Proof of annual gross household income (e.g. wages slips or bank statements for 3 months) and
  • A description of the financial circumstances affecting your learning.

If you can provide evidence of your annual outgoings (e.g. rent or mortgage, fuel, rates and utilities) this might also strengthen your claim.

If you receive cash payments from Discretionary Learner Support, and you are on an income-based benefit, you will need to declare this to Job Centre Plus.

Is there anything else I need to do?

If you receive financial support, you must:

  • Let us know straight away if your circumstances change
  • Refund the money if you leave without good reason
  • Return books and equipment at the end of the course if asked.

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