Intermediate Computing ~Autumn Term 2017/18

Just a few more spaces left on this course.
Please just turn up to class this Friday to avoid disappointment.

Nottingham Community Involvement

Course title: Intermediate Computing
Course reference: C2338502
Tutor(s): Sotiria Rodi
Venue: Vernon Community College, Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ
Venue Tel: 01159 414967
Fee: £107.80
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start & End Date: 8th September – 15th December 2017
Day & Times: Friday 1pm -3pm
Number of sessions:14
Hours per session: 2
For further information and how to Enrol please click on the below link:

Or Enrol by Telephone quoting the above course reference number: 0300 30 33 464 (Mon-Fri 9am -5pm)

Please email Caroline

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Move to the Groove – Evening Class ~Autumn Term 2017/18

Nottingham Community Involvement

Course title: Move to the Groove – Evening Class
Course reference: C2338475
Tutor(s): Chris LewisJones
Venue: Vernon Community College, Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ
Venue Tel: 01159 414967
Fee: £92.40
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start & End Date: 14th September – 7th December 2017
Day & Times: Thursday 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Number of sessions:12
Hours per session: 2
For further information and how to Enrol please click on the below link:

Or Enrol by Telephone quoting the above course reference number: 0300 30 33 464 (Mon-Fri 9am -5pm)

Please email Caroline

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Celebration at Sneinton Hermitage

Sometime I love my job; today was one of those days. It was my privilege to visit with the annual celebration of the Garment Construction and Sewing Skills classes.

The classes cover skills from absolute beginner through to intermediate. From my amateur eye it all looked fantastically well made. Many of the students were sporting their creations. A day of celebration and pride. The tutor for both classes, Nabila Sajid, presided and presented certificates of achievement. Lots of photos, applause and smiles all round. One student showed me a dress that she had made for her daughter and then she whipped out her phone and showed me a photo of her daughter wearing it.  The pride in the child wearing clothes that the mother had made when at the beginning of the year the mother could not use a sewing machine was palpable and justified.

A huge well done to all of the students who achieved on both courses and to our respected tutor, Nabila. It is our first visit to the courses’ celebratory event and I for one hope it will not be our last. Thank you very much for making us feel welcome and sharing your achievements with us.

WEA Chief Executive visits students


It was our great pleasure to welcome the WEA’s Chief Executive Ruth Spellman to the final Intermediate Computing class at Vernon Community College recently.

Ruth’s visit was one of many ‘walk through’s” that are undertaken by WEA staff as part of our continuing commitment to quality learning. I am pleased to say that Ruth found her experience pleasing.

This excerpt is taken from the Chief Executive’s Monthly Update for June 2017.

On 30 June I paid a “walk through” visit to the East Midlands region.  I attended an Intermediate Computing Class at the Vernon Community Centre in Nottingham.  It was my great pleasure to present the students with their certificates of achievement and I would like to thank the Education staff who arranged the visit for me, along with the fabulous tutor Peter Goodwin and the students who made me so welcome. I have attached a few photos from the day.

Ruth Spellman presented the students with their certificates of achievement for the course.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Mixed Textile Crafts Improvers ~Autumn Term 2017/18

Course title:Mixed Textile Crafts Improvers
Course reference: C2338352
Tutor(s):Natalie Smith
Venue: The Sherwood Textile Workshop, 621 or 581 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG5 2FX
Venue Tel: 07809 158606
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start & End Date: 9th November 2017- 18th January 2018
Day & Times: Thursday 10am- 3pm
Number of sessions: 9
Hours per session: 5
For further information and how to Enrol please click on the below link:

Or Enrol by Telephone quoting the above course reference number: 0300 30 33 464 (Mon-Fri 9am -5pm)

Please email Caroline


A huge congratulations to our interpreting students.

I read the news today, oh boy! A huge congratulations goes out to our interpreting students. We have received official confirmation from the examining body (Ascentis) that all of those students that entered for qualification achieved qualification. That’s a 100% pass rate!


Course tutor, Harminderjeet Johal said, “I am very proud of the students and their achievements. This is the first time we have worked within a national framework and I am so pleased for the students that their hard work has paid off.”

Harminderjeet went on to say, “Now the course has proved itself I am looking forward to supporting more students to achieve their interpreting qualifications next term.”

Alan Carter-Davies of the WEA said, “It is our intention to run interpreting classes next term. We are hoping to offer both level 1 and 2. Please follow this site for more details as we can confirm the classes or email to receive a notification by email.

Cake Review

It’s that time of the year. Term is drawing to a close and so it’s time to celebrate. How better than with cake? Here is a small selection of work from the current Cake Decoration course being run by Coral Campbell through our partners at Sherwood Textile Workshop.


Cake Talk 01

This cake was made by one of our student on the Saturday class. This was made for a commission. A project well done I would say.

(And so would we, Coral. Amazing work.)

Cake Talk 02

The student made this as one of her practice pieces.

(Fantastic looking work.)

Cake Talk 04

This cake was made for a friend who is a painter and decorator. This was made by one of our first year student with the skills she has learnt in the classroom. The project shows the decorator has fallen off his ladders.

(The decorator puts me in mind of Morph. I do like this one very much.)

Cake Talk 05

Made by one of our first years, the project was taken from a Debbie Brown cake decorating books.

(If this is a first year student’s work I cannot wait to see where they go next. Very professional.)

Students create cupcakes for sale

It is always good to share and with this in mind I am very pleased to share this short report from WEA tutor Coral Campbell. Coral teaches cake decorating and sugar craft for us at The Sherwood Textiles Workshop. Her classes are always a hive of activity!


Students are given demonstrations on the first lesson on how to make cake toppers, butter cream and cupcakes to create cupcakes for sale. This is one of the projects of one of our student’s, she then went on to make cupcakes and cake pops for her sister’s engagement party.


This is the practice cupcakes for the engagement party


The student’s sister ordered 100 of these cupcakes instead as she thought it would fit in with her theme. The student really enjoyed making them and has learned many skills from this project.

Student makes wedding cake


This wedding cake was made by one of the students who started the WEA course in January based at the Textile Workshop Sherwood Nottingham.

The student came with no skills or knowledge. She just wanted to make and decorate cakes.  The Madeira cake recipe was from the tutor and it was the first time she had made the recipes.

All at the event enjoyed the beauty of the cake and said it tasted good too


Above is the cake at the wedding being cut by the bride and groom.

The course that this cake was made on is here: 

Watch this space for details on September’s course.

Out and about with Chris Lewis Jones


Lovely group of WEA Nottingham students coping well with temporary accommodation problems at Vernon community college…intervention in the sunshine trumps installation in the classroom any day!


I love the vitality of Facebook. Below is a discussion on the picture above. Discussion in motion.
Rosie Jarrett This isn’t supposed to be art is it?
Like · Reply · 15 March at 12:28
Chris Lewis-Jones supposed by Whom Rosie? I certainly suppose it be art because it was made by an artist who said it was art. What’s your criterion?
Like · Reply · 15 March at 12:31
Rosie Jarrett Creativity, self expression, entertainment. Something pleasant to look at, exciting, expressive of feeling, descriptive of emotions. Not a few lines on the pavement.
Like · Reply · 15 March at 12:45
Chris Lewis-Jones this was deeply creative Rosie, and that’s good enough for me. It doesn’t have to ‘express feeling’ to be art and it certainly doesn’t have to be ‘pleasant to look at’ (though this is)! But I prefer it when art is Innovative, and this ‘few lines on the pavement’ is the most innovative art I’ve seen for several days (of seeing a lot of art)!
Like · Reply · 15 March at 13:09
Rosie Jarrett Shame we couldn’t carry on with our creative writing courses with Nikki due to lack of funding. That was real creativity.
Like · Reply · 1 · 15 March at 16:19
Beccy Benedict Rosie – creativity comes in an infinite number of forms (thankfully) – it would be a very boring and bland world if what everyone thought was creativity and ‘pleasant to look at’ was the same. I too, as someone who prefers abstract art forms, love the creativity in this piece. Whether or not you like it and whether or not you think it expresses ‘feeling’ (which to be honest only the artist can know whether it does that or not) – it has clearly aroused feelings in you – which as far as I am concerned means job done. Perhaps you could write a piece of creative writing about how this piece of art makes you feel. 🙂
Like · Reply · 1 · 16 March at 10:25
Rob Fox Love it; permanent art of temporary shadow.
Like · Reply · 3 · 15 March at 14:43

Me and My Tutor – Caroline Schlich

Me and My Tutor – Caroline Schlich | WEA


WEA English tutor Caroline Schlich has been featured in inTuition magazine along with her student Olajumoke Ikoyi. Published in the Me and My Tutor Feature both Caroline and Olajumoke discuss their learning relationship and the progress that they have made together.

Olajumoke: “Wow! How do i describe Caroline? She has helped me so much to get this far with my studies…she is a very good teacher. She is approachable and supportive. She encourages her students to do their best. I think it is important for students to have a good learning relationship with their tutor to build confidence and develop their learning ability.”

“I chose WEA as a place to study because it was recommended to me by a friend who was studying there. I liked it from the very first time,”

Caroline: “Ola’s confidence has grown enormously over the past 18 months….[she] has a positive effect on other students. In fact, my students sometimes learn as much from each other as they do from me. I like to include time for discussion in every session.”

Congratulations to both Caroline and Olajumoke, long may this learning relationship continue! The full article can be accessed by clicking here or you can download the full magazine by clicking here.

With great sadness

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news of the passing of our valued and respected tutor Claire Hampton.

Claire has tutored with us at WEA Nottingham Community Involvement for three years or so and always demonstrated all that is good about adult community learning.

Claire died at the beginning of April 2016. An outstanding tutor and a great human being, she will be missed by all who knew her.

Dressmaking ~ Projects – Summer Term 2016

Course title:Dressmaking ~ Projects
Course reference:C2336129
Tutor(s): Rebecca Spear
Venue: The Sherwood Textile Workshop, 621 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG5 2FX
Venue Tel: Tel 07809 158606
Fee: £173.25
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start & End Date: 11th May – 20th July 2016
Day & Times: Wed 10am -3pm
Number of sessions: 9
Hours per session:  5
Down load the Course outline here: Dressmaking projects May 2016 C2336129  PDF 109kb

To avoid disappointment please click on the link below to enrol now:

Sound interesting?
Please email Caroline

Anyone Can Draw ~ Spring Term 2016

Course title: Anyone Can Draw
Course reference:  C2336143
Tutor(s): Tricia Gardiner
Venue: The Loft house. Unit 6. 35 Warser Gate. NG1 1NU
Venue Tel: 07557053209
Fee: £80.85
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start & End Date: 29th February – 11th April 2016
Day & Times: Monday 6pm -9pm
Number of sessions: 7
Hours per session:   3

Down load the Course outline here:   Anyone can draw C2336143    PDF 180kb
To avoid disappointment Enrol online now at:

Sound interesting?
Please email Caroline

eDigital Competence Certificate Workshop ~ Spring Term 2016

Course title: eDigital Competence Certificate Workshop
Course reference: C2336144
Tutor(s): Peter Goodwin
Venue:Vernon Community College, Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ
Venue Tel:01159 414967
Fee: £50.05
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start & End Date: 26th February – 1st April 2016
Day & Times: Friday 12.30pm -3pm
Number of sessions: 5
Hours per session:   2.6

Down load the Course outline here:  Peter Goodwin eDDC C2336144     PDF 155 kb
To avoid disappointment Enrol online now at:

Sound interesting?
Please email Caroline

Shanghai by the Lake

Creative writing at Lakeside Arts Centre, what could be a nicer way to spend a Friday?

Last term’s course had a focus loosely around an exhibition about Chinese video Art.

The exhibition and course proved an inspiration for Neil Deakin; who penned this poem based on his experiences.

Shanghai by the Lake
by Neil Deakin


A black veil falls to reveal

A GA* pretending to stare at nothing.

Four screens mark a room within,

Three awaiting surfaces blank

A face made up with alien hands.


Crazy lady her shoes and bag dumped,

Gyrates to the sound of a stretched saw,

Her hands her eyes above her head

Their lids now painted purple pink.

Chinese youth drop dead in sequence

Revived by synth pop saloon sequins

Ambushed by ski masks and a stuffed toy.


Crazy Lady clapping joyfully suddenly

Leaves flicker between branches and I

Escape to the calm indifferent Lake,

Twinkling winking thinking winding down or up?

With Shanghai ever so far away.


* (GA is an abbreviation for Gallery assistant.)


For details on this term’s course please visit: 

Words V Images (in sublime surroundings)

Justin Mortimer
Justin Mortimer

Friday is looking lovely. A balmy springtime day. Friday also sees the beginning of a new four part creative writing course  held at the idyllic Lakeside Arts Centre. The course will probe different styles of writing, exploring the process of crafting imagery in poetry, memoir and fiction. How can you, as a writer, create a picture in your readers minds? Workshops will also draw inspiration from the Richard Hamilton and Justin Mortimer exhibitions currently running at the gallery.

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much relating the two artists.

Justin Mortimer’s canvases have been described as history painting for the present age, fragmented scenes hinting at political and social upheaval, and detailed unspecified acts of human cruelty and suffering. In his recent work, these scenes are typically enacted in an indeterminate space, often in scrub woodland at night illuminated by the flash of a camera or the sulfurous glow of a flare.

Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton

Dubbed the forefather of Pop Art, the themes and concerns of Richard Hamilton’s paintings and drawings were also pursued in his graphic design works on which he collaborated with some of the greatest master printers of the twentieth century.

If you have the time on Friday pop along to Nikki England’s Crafting Verbal Imagery; the Art of Creative Writing course beginning at  9:45 am and running until 3 pm for four weeks. The venue is stunning, the company sublime and the course as challenging as you choose it to be. Nikki says that if Friday is as nice as BBC Weather is predicting there may be some outdoors activity too. We live in hope.

Tea, discussion, words and pictures. Maybe biscuits if we’re in luck.

Venue: Lakeside Arts Centre (Meeting Room 1 – by the box office) University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

Knit one pearl two

basket-of-woolAccording to BBC’s Newsbeat “Young people want to learn “old fashioned” skills like knitting and wooden toy making.”

Here at Nottingham WEA Community office we can not help (yet) with wooden toy making but we can help with knitting and crochet. We have a brand new course starting called Knitting and Crochet ~ Building on the Basics.

This course is aimed at improvers with both techniques. It will build upon the basics, working with more colour techniques, introducing different stitches and using them to create pattern and texture. There will be a section on finishing and how to sew items together. The course will also look at reading patterns and charts.

If you have dabbled and want to brush off your skills or indeed want to pick up a new one then this may well be the course for you.

Make space in your diary for Wednesday mornings 10am to 1pm. There is plenty of parking at the new venue: WEA Training Room, Hungerhill Rd, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 4NB

The course is starting today but you are still able to join on the 29th April. Don’t delay call Caroline today on 0115 985 8203 to talk about this course and reserve your place.

For full course details please view the course information sheet here: knitting-crochet-building-on-basics.pdf (PDF Document)


Links: BBC Newsbeat Story

Our hearty congratulations goes to Nikki England

tefl uk logoOur hearty congratulations goes to Nikki England who had just passed her Advanced Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course. This 150 hour online course included observing 6 full length classes via video.

Nikki undertook the course as part of her continuing professional development. Every year WEA tutors maintain and grow their skills as tutors and practitioners. Nikki’s undertaking is has been no mean feat.

Congratulations Nikki.

Food & Faith – Join our St Ann’s Community Dialogues


????????????????????????????????????????Join our St Ann’s Community Dialogues

Are you interested in the diversity of St Anns?

Do you want to find out more about your neighbours?

Join us for a community dialogue at the Chase Neighbourhood Centre

We provide the food, you provide the conversation

February – June 2015
We are holding a series of 8 intimate small meetings (ISM’s) to bring people from different faiths and beliefs together over a meal.

We want to encourage open and honest conversations to help break down barriers and create a more harmonious neighbourhood.

All meetings will be hosted by experienced facilitators.

To book a place on any one of these events, please contact Lyndon at Embrace.

Embrace In Community
Office – 0115 9624530

Lyndon – 07957949840

Nisha – 07985433945




English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) ~ Intermediate Level~ Spring Term 2015

Course title: English for Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) ~ Intermediate Level
Course reference: C2334594
Tutor(s): Haydn Jones
Venue: Vernon Community College, Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ
Fee: £80.85
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start date: 8th January
End date:  19th March 2015
Day(s) Thursday
Time(s): 12.30pm 2.40pm
Number of sessions: 10
Hours per session:   2.1
Down load the Course outline here:    ESOL Intermediate      PDF   89kb

Sound interesting?
Please email Caroline

Tutors Needed!

Request from our skills for life team.

WEA East Midlands EME Blog

We are looking for sessional tutors of English, Maths and ESOL throughout the East Midlands.

You will need to have a Cert Ed, PGCE or DTTLS and a subject specialism in English, Maths and ESOL.  You must have experience of teaching adults and be able to deliver Functional Skills and ESOL accreditation.  We particularly need tutors in Nottingham and Leicester.

If you are interested, please complete an application form:

Job Description

Tutor application form

You can then email the form to

Closing date 5 September 2014

If you would like to discuss this, please contact Vicki or Sue – 01509 262036 – –

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Culture, Reading & Writing: Improve your English Literacy Skills ~Autumn Term 2014

Course title: Culture, Reading & Writing: Improve your English Literacy Skills
Course reference: C2333994 (AM) & C2333994 (PM)
Tutor(s): Lorna Poole
Venue: Vernon Community College, Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane, NG1 6DQ
Fee: £80.85
Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start date:  7th October 2014
End date:  9th December 2014
Day(s) Tuesday
Time(s): 10am-12.10pm   OR  1pm -3.10pm
Number of sessions:  10
Hours per session:   2hrs 10min

For more information:


Computer Skills; Applying for Work or Training Opportunities ~ Autumn Term 2014

Course title: Computer Skills; Applying for Work or Training Opportunities
Course reference: C23333983
Tutor(s): Peter Goodwin
Venue: Vernon Community College, Vernon House, 18 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ
Fee: £81.27 –  Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start date: Thursday 11th September 2014
Time(s): 1pm – 3.10pm

For further information please down load the Course outline here: Computer Skills; applying for work or training opportunities Vernon Thur pm PDF:146

Oil Cloth Bags are a Winner

This simple tote bag was made during the recent Oil Cloth Bags for Beginners class run at the Sherwood Textile Workshop by Melinda Lee







This simple tote bag was made during the recent Oil Cloth Bags for Beginners class run at the Sherwood Textile Workshop by Melinda Lee. The handbag was made in the class by a more experienced student.

Introduction to Sewing Bras ~Summer School 2014

Course title: Introduction to Sewing Bras Summer School
Course reference: C2333897
Tutor(s): Hannah Wroe
Venue:  Sherwood Textile Workshop, 621 Mansfield Road, NG52FX
Fee: £50.05 – Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low income; Evidence must be provided.
Start date: 23rd August
End date: 24th  August
Day(s)/time(s): Mon & Tue 9.30-4.30pm
Number of sessions: 2
Hours per session:  6.5 hours

Down load the Course outline here:  Introduction to Sewing Bras Summer School Tutor Hannah Wroe Sat & Sun   PDF 109KB

Sound interesting? Please email Caroline


Introduction to Sewing Bras ~Summer School 2014

Course title: Introduction to Sewing Bras Summer School
Course reference: C2333885
Tutor(s): Hannah Wroe
Venue:  The Textile Workshop, 621 Mansfield Road, NG52FX
Fee: £50.05
Start date: 18th August
End date: 19th August
Day(s)/time(s): Mon & Tue 9.30-4.30pm
Number of sessions: 2
Hours per session:  6.5 hours

Down load the Course outline here: Introduction to Sewing Bras Summer School Tutor Hannah Wroe-Mon & Tue Class 2014 PDF 109KB


Good News from Ofsted about the WEA

Ofsted, the official regulator of standards in schools and colleges in England, has rated the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) “Good” in all areas of inspection.

The WEA is the UK’s largest provider of adult community learning, delivering “stimulating and interesting sessions” to a “broad cultural mix” of over 74,000 students.

The report by Ofsted highlighted that “many students benefit from programmes that give them the knowledge, skills and confidence to volunteer within their community” and that the WEA helps “improve the life chances of disadvantaged communities and individuals” across England. It also said that students “improve their personal, social and employability skills as a result of attending classes”.

Ofsted’s inspection praised the organisation for skilfully managing good education over a large area and in a multitude of community settings. It states that “a key strength of the organisation has been, and continues to be, the strong historical bond that exists between employees and volunteer members of the organisation”.

In welcoming the report, Ruth Spellman, Chief Executive of the WEA, said:

“I am delighted Ofsted has independently confirmed that we give high quality support to help students back into learning as well as take advanced courses, seize cultural opportunities and develop work-related skills.

“The WEA may be over 100 years old but is still as relevant today as ever. Our research shows 71 per cent of students in work gained skills that could be used in a job, while 75 per cent of those unemployed felt more confident about finding a job in the future. 93 per cent also said courses helped them make new friends. We are helping to change lives and inspire communities across the country, which is vital for our economy and society.

“The WEA is the only national adult education provider and has classes in over 95 per cent of local authority areas, with four times more students than the biggest outstanding provider in the further education and skills sector. We are committed to bringing great teaching and learning into every local community. We know education can transform lives and this report is a tremendous boost for our students, tutors, volunteers and staff across the country.”

To view the full report, visit

Win an iPAD by registering on the Learn My Way website

Please share widely, the more the merrier.

WEA tutors

Win an iPad

We are taking part in this year’s Get online week.  Everyone who registers on the LearnMyWay website is in with a chance of winning a brilliant iPad prize even if they cannot get to one of the arranged events.

UK online Centres are giving away a white Apple iPad tablet with Retina display 16GB Wi Fi.  You have to be registered on Learn my way (preferably via the Let’s get digital course!) For every person registered during Get online week itself ( ends 20 October), our centre name will go into our proverbial prize draw hat. The winner will be announced on the 21st October.

Just goto , Click on REGISTER – top right.  Type in your First Name, then your Surname.  You will then be given a USERNAME – write it down.  

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Introduction to Permaculture Feedback

introduction to permaculture feedbackLast week saw the first weekend course run at St Anns Allotments by our respected tutor Paul Paine.

We thought we’d like to share what the students on the course thought about it. The picture shown a feedback man. Comments placed in the head area represent ideas that need more thought. Comments placed in the torso represent ideas that the students loved. Comments in the briefcase represent ideas that the students would take away with them and finally comments in the trouser department were ideas that the students thought were “pants”.

Worth noting that there were no “pants” ideas on this course!
Here are the comments that the students wrote.


“I learned far more about permaculture than I expected to in 2 days.”
“Learned to think on a more long-term scale.”
“I know now that I am only on the tip of the learning iceberg!!”
“Appreciated the 2 centre location and the beauty filled space on our walk up.”


“Inspired by people.”
“Inspired by nature.”
“Lovely group taught in a relaxed and caring way.”
“Inspired a new interest.”
“Great to meet and be inspired by like-minded people.”
“Great to be outdoors in the warm September Sun!”


“Plans for own garden.”
“Ideas for resources to learn more.”
“How to mix and match trees, plants etc.”

Computer Confidence Workshop – Edwards Lane Estate Community Centre

The WEA would like to thank the following businesses for promoting our Computer Confidence Workshop at Edwards Lane Estate Community Centre due to start Monday 9th September 10am -12pm.

Thank you to:

  • Heat Seal  EYG Group
  • Andover Post Office and Convenience Store
  • NISA Local (Heathfield)
  • Co Operative
  • Daybrook Fish Bar
  • Arnold, Daybrook and Bestwood Conservative Club
  • W.E Berry & Son
  • Edwards Lane One Stop Convenience Store
  • GIFTO Mini Market & Off Licence

1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10

Fantastic Opportunity for Micro Businesses

strelley-hallAre you a micro business (up to 9 employees) that has been trading for 12 months or more?  Or do you know of any?  Please circulate this information to your contacts – we still have a few places left on this pilot run of the programme being held at Strelley Hall, Nottingham.

These Business Booster Modules for Micros have been designed to provide relevant and affordable learning and support for just this type of business.  5 Micro Business Booster Modules are now available, starting 11th April 2013.

Topic titles are below:

  • IT for Business
  • Reaching Customers
  • Key Skills for Business
  • The Web for Business
  • Growth Planning

Click here to visit our website and learn more about the detail of the modules or book a place on one or more of the modules.  You can also subscribe to receive free updates about future dates and locations of programme delivery as and when they happen.

Modules are £36.75 each and the duration is 10 and a half hours over three weeks.  Fee waived places are available – please email Caroline at for details of how to qualify.

Still not sure whether these might be for you?  Email your questions and we will respond as quickly as we can.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you move your business forward.

Carol Hall
(Visit Carol’s tutor profile here)

Welcome Back Caroline

It is with some relief and great joy that I welcome back our esteemed colleague Caroline who has been absent for a long six weeks.

Caroline has returned to a mountain of calls, emails and paperwork despite our best efforts to alleviate the task. She is heroically ploughing through them with gusto and at this rate normal service should resume swiftly. Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult time.

A second thank you is due to two of our tutors who stepped into the breach during Caroline’s absence. Nikki England and Peter Goodwin helpfully acted as receptionists for a day a week each for the six week period. Their support in this meant that telephone enquirers were responded to in good time. Thank you.




New Student Writing ~ The Art of Writing Short Fiction at the Lakeside Arts Centre

The Art of Writing Short Fiction at the Lakeside Arts Centre

Three new short works have been published by students on the Art of Writing Short Fiction course recently completed at the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham. The course drew inspiration from the prestigious Dame Laura Knight exhibition.

The three works and information about the course can be found by visiting the tutor’s blog here:

If you would like to just read the stories, here are direct links (in no order)

Nikki’s new course at the Lakeside Arts Centre entitled Saturday Night and Sunday Morning: Writing Short Fiction in Nottinghamshire is set to begin on Friday 18th January 2013. Here is a link to the course page for more information.



In the Lounge at the Nottingham Mechanics, 3 Sherwood Street,Nottingham NG1 4EZ

SATURDAY 27 OCTOBER 2012, 10:00am – 1pm

There is no charge for entry and you may attend any part of the programme

10:00 Tea coffee and biscuits followed by a short Annual General Meeting


A talk by J.W. Clarke on Nottingham Castle from the Normans to the present day

12 noon an update on WEA news in Nottinghamshire as well as  nationally

The forum is an opportunity to meet likeminded people who are and want to be involved in the WEA whether as a student, volunteer or in branch activities.

There is no parking at the venue, which is a city centre venue off Shakespeare Street, which is opposite the Victoria shopping centre, Mansfield Road, Nottingham.

For any further information please contact 01949 837566

Women’s Right to Literacy

Women’s Right to Literacy – a new initiative launched by NIACE in partnership with the World Literacy Group

514 million women throughout the world are illiterate; many are unable to access effective educational programmes.

Gender equalities, greater participation by women in community and economic activities, as well as in their health and that of their families, could all be supported, enhanced and changed by literacy learning. In addition, the effectiveness of girls’ education would be increased through the development of women’s literacy.

I support these calls for action by The Literacy Working Group in the drive towards achieving the Education for All and Millennium Development Goals, in 2015. I call upon the key development agencies and organisations to take up the challenges.

Baroness Mary T Goudie
September 2012

Celebrate International Literacy Day and make a difference by supporting NIACE and the Literacy Working Group in these calls for action. You can do this by leaving a comment here, including your name, the organisation you work for and a link to your website.

For further information on the Women’s Right to Literacy initiative please download this PDF booklet Women and Literacy Live (PDF 390kb)

Mushaira – Urdu poetry recital

Mushaira – Urdu poetry recital

With Guest of Honour Mr Raza Ali Abidi

Well known writer and broadcaster of BBC world service and other well-known poets from all over UK.

Join us for a FREE celebration of Urdu poetry in partnership with “Creative Minds Society Nottingham”.

Saturday 15 September at 2.00 pm,

Radford/Lenton Library
Lenton Boulevard

0115 915 1790

For more information please


Rekha Vasishta

Farzana Khan 07961381239

Imagination key to new design course

A new course being led by a new WEA tutor was listed in yesterday’s Nottingham Evening Post. The tutor, Adam, is a graphic designer of many year’s standing with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. The course is for all comers. If you have a logo to design, want to know more about how graphic design is deployed or indeed how the design process works then this is the course for you.

Despite what it says in the papers if you are interested in joining this course then please contact Caroline on 0115 985 8203 or email

A Jolly Outing

Saturday saw the final session of the Websites for Micros course run from the WEA Training Room at the John Folman Centre in St Anns. The three week Saturday school concerned itself with setting up a small business website and methods for keeping it active. The course deployed WordPress as the base tool. We explored writing for online readers, search engine rankings, image optimisation, planning content, maintaining focus, choosing a domain name and tagging and bagging amongst other topics. Classes were lively and challenging as each learner had a different reason for wanting to be online with a website. The course is not overtly an IT experience, if one plans on a computer then the computer influences the planning. The group conceptualise first and then make the system meet their needs rather than plan to the system. Liberating stuff. Continue reading

Change your world plus a free lunch

Introducing Active Citizenship
Do you want to get involved in your local community or are you already involved?
Do you want to help make a difference?
Do you want to share your views and concerns with others and look at ways to make things better?

This awareness session from the WEA (Workers’ Educational Association) is for you.

We will look at what is meant by “Active Citizenship” and how we can all make a difference, however small, to our community.

We all want to live in a better society.

When: 29th March 2012 11am until 1pm with a buffet lunch to follow
Where: New Art Exchange, 39-41 Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 6BE
Fee: Free

How to book
text: 07768237169 with your name and contact phone number

2011 review for this website

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,700 times in 2011. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Fees for Courses

Fees for Courses

Full Fee

The Full fee for a 10 week duration class is £65.00  Other course fees may vary dependant on the duration   (Discounted fee £58.50)

Multiple Course Discount

If you are a full fee payer and attend two or more courses at the same time you will receive a discount on the second course.  The full fee is payable for the longest course.

If you receive benefits any of the benefits below you will not pay a course fee:

  • Job seekers Allowance ( Income or Contribution based)
  • Income Support
  • Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related)
  • Working Tax Credit, with a gross household income below £15,276 a year
  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Benefit (But not Council Tax discounts)
  • Pension Guarantee Credit only
  • Asylum seekers in receipt of a letter from Asylum support (AS) and who have been in the UK legally for Six months.
  • If you are an unwaged dependant (as defined by Job Centre Plus) of someone who receives the income-related benefits listed will not pay a fee

Please bring evidence of your benefit and status to the first class

In2Art: InDrawing – Wednesday – Nottingham Contemporary

In2Art: In2Drawing – Wednesday – Nottingham Contemporary C2329092

Tutor: Chris LewisJones

Venue: Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, Nottingham, NG1 2GB

Date: Wednesday 11th January 2012

Time: Duration: 6 Meetings

Time: 2 Hours,6pm -8pm

Fee: £40.20 (£36.18 Concessions) No fee for those on income related benefits or low income.

The Aims of the course:

  • Enhance learners’ understanding and appreciation of innovative approaches to drawing, as a preparation for other work and as a valid activity in its own right
  • Enhance learners’ understanding and appreciation of innovative approaches to mark making, as a preparation for other work and as a valid activity in its own right
  • Enhance learners’ ability to engage in creative collaboration
  • Enhance learners’ ability to engage in and appreciate/enjoy contextual analysis
  • Enhance learners’ ability to engage with contemporary art

Topics to be covered

Topics and content will be dictated by evolving vocational and educational aspirations and needs of the learning group, as a whole, and of each individual learner. However, they will certainly include:

Analytical, expressionistic and random approaches to drawing, collaborative drawing, collaborative design, drawing with non-drawing media (such as light, wire and bodies), research into art and artists, contemporary theory and practice, mark making, antagonistic media, visual literacy and presentation values

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this course it may be possible for you to:

  • Design and produce a substantial analytical drawing
  • Design and produce a substantial expressive drawing
  • Design and produce a drawing using non-drawing media
  • Co-Design and co produce a collaborative drawing
  • Produce designs that are executed with speed and fluency
  • Design and display a cross media drawing composition

Teaching methods, learning activities

Teaching & learning activities: generally: tutor-lead discussions and practical exercises followed by learner-lead workshops and personal exploration leading to summative plenary.

Assessment methods

Through a combination of discussions, learner presentations and a variety of set assignments, the tutor will ensure that learners are making progress. Most assessment will be informal, though written feedback will be provided at the end of the course and whenever might be appropriate during the course.

Previous learning required

Everyone is welcome and no previous qualifications are essential, though a genuine interest in drawing and mark making is essential

Essential materials or equipment

Pen, soft pencils, sketch pad/journal, Stanley knife, gaffa tape, masking tape

Where the course may lead

The tutor can provide you with information about what you can do next with the WEA and other local providers. A Giving Information and Advice county leaflet is available with useful local information. What Next? leaflets are available from your tutor or programme organiser to help you with your choices. If you would like to discuss what options are available or how to obtain guidance, please contact your programme organiser.


Books/sites/learning resources will be recommended as and when appropriate

Financial help

If you need help with paying for fees or childcare, you may be entitled to financial support. Ask your tutor or programme organiser for more information. We will treat all requests confidentially and with respect in accordance with our Learner Support Policy (see Services for Learners leaflet).

Help with learning

If you have a disability or learning difficulty, let us know as early as possible so that we can make arrangements to provide you with support. We will treat requests for help confidentially and with respect. Ask your tutor for more information. If you prefer, contact your Regional Office and ask to speak to someone about learning support (see Services for Learners leaflet).

Help with English, Maths or Study Skills

You are also entitled to extra help and support with English, Maths or Study Skills. Ask your tutor for more information. If you prefer, contact your Regional Office and ask to speak to someone about help with English, Maths or Study Skills.

Sound interesting?

Please contact Caroline on 0115 985 8203 or email

Free Computer Drop In Sessions

Greenway Community Centre
FREE Computer Drop In Sessions

Drop in and ask Peter how to use your computer to do what you want it to.

Tuesday 27th September 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 4th October 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 11th October 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 18th October 1pm-3pm

Tuesday 25th October 1pm-3pm

Greenway Community Centre
Trent Lane Nottingham NG3 4DF

These sessions are funded by UKOnline GO ON and Community Capacity Builders Project



Don’t forget to grab a coffee at the Greenway Café!