Celebration at Sneinton Hermitage

Sometime I love my job; today was one of those days. It was my privilege to visit with the annual celebration of the Garment Construction and Sewing Skills classes.

The classes cover skills from absolute beginner through to intermediate. From my amateur eye it all looked fantastically well made. Many of the students were sporting their creations. A day of celebration and pride. The tutor for both classes, Nabila Sajid, presided and presented certificates of achievement. Lots of photos, applause and smiles all round. One student showed me a dress that she had made for her daughter and then she whipped out her phone and showed me a photo of her daughter wearing it.  The pride in the child wearing clothes that the mother had made when at the beginning of the year the mother could not use a sewing machine was palpable and justified.

A huge well done to all of the students who achieved on both courses and to our respected tutor, Nabila. It is our first visit to the courses’ celebratory event and I for one hope it will not be our last. Thank you very much for making us feel welcome and sharing your achievements with us.

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