Cake Review

It’s that time of the year. Term is drawing to a close and so it’s time to celebrate. How better than with cake? Here is a small selection of work from the current Cake Decoration course being run by Coral Campbell through our partners at Sherwood Textile Workshop.


Cake Talk 01

This cake was made by one of our student on the Saturday class. This was made for a commission. A project well done I would say.

(And so would we, Coral. Amazing work.)

Cake Talk 02

The student made this as one of her practice pieces.

(Fantastic looking work.)

Cake Talk 04

This cake was made for a friend who is a painter and decorator. This was made by one of our first year student with the skills she has learnt in the classroom. The project shows the decorator has fallen off his ladders.

(The decorator puts me in mind of Morph. I do like this one very much.)

Cake Talk 05

Made by one of our first years, the project was taken from a Debbie Brown cake decorating books.

(If this is a first year student’s work I cannot wait to see where they go next. Very professional.)

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