Out and about with Chris Lewis Jones


Lovely group of WEA Nottingham students coping well with temporary accommodation problems at Vernon community college…intervention in the sunshine trumps installation in the classroom any day!


I love the vitality of Facebook. Below is a discussion on the picture above. Discussion in motion.
Rosie Jarrett This isn’t supposed to be art is it?
Like · Reply · 15 March at 12:28
Chris Lewis-Jones supposed by Whom Rosie? I certainly suppose it be art because it was made by an artist who said it was art. What’s your criterion?
Like · Reply · 15 March at 12:31
Rosie Jarrett Creativity, self expression, entertainment. Something pleasant to look at, exciting, expressive of feeling, descriptive of emotions. Not a few lines on the pavement.
Like · Reply · 15 March at 12:45
Chris Lewis-Jones this was deeply creative Rosie, and that’s good enough for me. It doesn’t have to ‘express feeling’ to be art and it certainly doesn’t have to be ‘pleasant to look at’ (though this is)! But I prefer it when art is Innovative, and this ‘few lines on the pavement’ is the most innovative art I’ve seen for several days (of seeing a lot of art)!
Like · Reply · 15 March at 13:09
Rosie Jarrett Shame we couldn’t carry on with our creative writing courses with Nikki due to lack of funding. That was real creativity.
Like · Reply · 1 · 15 March at 16:19
Beccy Benedict Rosie – creativity comes in an infinite number of forms (thankfully) – it would be a very boring and bland world if what everyone thought was creativity and ‘pleasant to look at’ was the same. I too, as someone who prefers abstract art forms, love the creativity in this piece. Whether or not you like it and whether or not you think it expresses ‘feeling’ (which to be honest only the artist can know whether it does that or not) – it has clearly aroused feelings in you – which as far as I am concerned means job done. Perhaps you could write a piece of creative writing about how this piece of art makes you feel. 🙂
Like · Reply · 1 · 16 March at 10:25
Rob Fox Love it; permanent art of temporary shadow.
Like · Reply · 3 · 15 March at 14:43

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