Shanghai by the Lake

Creative writing at Lakeside Arts Centre, what could be a nicer way to spend a Friday?

Last term’s course had a focus loosely around an exhibition about Chinese video Art.

The exhibition and course proved an inspiration for Neil Deakin; who penned this poem based on his experiences.

Shanghai by the Lake
by Neil Deakin


A black veil falls to reveal

A GA* pretending to stare at nothing.

Four screens mark a room within,

Three awaiting surfaces blank

A face made up with alien hands.


Crazy lady her shoes and bag dumped,

Gyrates to the sound of a stretched saw,

Her hands her eyes above her head

Their lids now painted purple pink.

Chinese youth drop dead in sequence

Revived by synth pop saloon sequins

Ambushed by ski masks and a stuffed toy.


Crazy Lady clapping joyfully suddenly

Leaves flicker between branches and I

Escape to the calm indifferent Lake,

Twinkling winking thinking winding down or up?

With Shanghai ever so far away.


* (GA is an abbreviation for Gallery assistant.)


For details on this term’s course please visit: 

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