Words V Images (in sublime surroundings)

Justin Mortimer
Justin Mortimer

Friday is looking lovely. A balmy springtime day. Friday also sees the beginning of a new four part creative writing course  held at the idyllic Lakeside Arts Centre. The course will probe different styles of writing, exploring the process of crafting imagery in poetry, memoir and fiction. How can you, as a writer, create a picture in your readers minds? Workshops will also draw inspiration from the Richard Hamilton and Justin Mortimer exhibitions currently running at the gallery.

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much relating the two artists.

Justin Mortimer’s canvases have been described as history painting for the present age, fragmented scenes hinting at political and social upheaval, and detailed unspecified acts of human cruelty and suffering. In his recent work, these scenes are typically enacted in an indeterminate space, often in scrub woodland at night illuminated by the flash of a camera or the sulfurous glow of a flare.

Richard Hamilton
Richard Hamilton

Dubbed the forefather of Pop Art, the themes and concerns of Richard Hamilton’s paintings and drawings were also pursued in his graphic design works on which he collaborated with some of the greatest master printers of the twentieth century.

If you have the time on Friday pop along to Nikki England’s Crafting Verbal Imagery; the Art of Creative Writing course beginning at  9:45 am and running until 3 pm for four weeks. The venue is stunning, the company sublime and the course as challenging as you choose it to be. Nikki says that if Friday is as nice as BBC Weather is predicting there may be some outdoors activity too. We live in hope.

Tea, discussion, words and pictures. Maybe biscuits if we’re in luck.

Venue: Lakeside Arts Centre (Meeting Room 1 – by the box office) University Park, Nottingham, NG7 2RD

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