Introduction to Permaculture Feedback

introduction to permaculture feedbackLast week saw the first weekend course run at St Anns Allotments by our respected tutor Paul Paine.

We thought we’d like to share what the students on the course thought about it. The picture shown a feedback man. Comments placed in the head area represent ideas that need more thought. Comments placed in the torso represent ideas that the students loved. Comments in the briefcase represent ideas that the students would take away with them and finally comments in the trouser department were ideas that the students thought were “pants”.

Worth noting that there were no “pants” ideas on this course!
Here are the comments that the students wrote.


“I learned far more about permaculture than I expected to in 2 days.”
“Learned to think on a more long-term scale.”
“I know now that I am only on the tip of the learning iceberg!!”
“Appreciated the 2 centre location and the beauty filled space on our walk up.”


“Inspired by people.”
“Inspired by nature.”
“Lovely group taught in a relaxed and caring way.”
“Inspired a new interest.”
“Great to meet and be inspired by like-minded people.”
“Great to be outdoors in the warm September Sun!”


“Plans for own garden.”
“Ideas for resources to learn more.”
“How to mix and match trees, plants etc.”

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