Sewing Skills ~ Summer Term 2013

In this course learners will learn about the use of sewing machines, pattern making, stitching a garment and the creation of new designs in textiles. It will also improve literacy and numeracy skill via measurements and markings on pattern. This class has always been friendly, relaxing and creative for everyone. It is open to those of all of all abilities and will meet all individual needs.
Tutor: Nabila Sajid
: Sneinton Hermitage Community Centre, 20 Sneinton Boulevard, NG2 4GN Date: Thursday 18th April 2013
Time: 12.30pm – 3:00pm   Duration: 10 Sessions
Fee: £87.50 (£78.75 Concessions) Fee Waived for those on income related benefits or low incomeCourse aims
To improve the sewing skill and knowledge of the learner. To acknowledge learners skill level in order to tailor a lesson to their needs. Make lessons interesting by create sewing methods which require a lot of student participation. To develop learners confidence in using sewing machines.

Topics to be covered
• How to utilize a sewing machine appropriately
• Rules and application of patterns
• Transferring markings on fabric
• Further implementation of designs
• Seam allowance and seam finishing

Learning outcomes
As a result of this course it may be possible for you to:
• Be able to identify the appropriate matching foot for the sewing stitch being used.
• To complete a pattern with specific marking
• Learners should have knowledge of measurements with regards to body.
• Ability to develop a product after having a design.
• Suitable seam allowance on garments and adequate seam finishing.

Teaching/learning methods
Start the lesson with a short lecture, followed by a demonstration on how to apply the method. The learners will then attempt the task being observed, modifications to the technique will be made if needed. This is followed by a question and answer session leading on to practical work.

Assessment methods
• Question/Answer
• Assess learners ‘work
• Observation
• Feedback

Previous learning required
No previous experience is needed to enroll for this course.

Recommended books, materials or equipment
To log work, learners will each be given a folder/wallet, paper, handouts, pens and suitable sewing equipment which will be required in the course.

The tutor can provide you with information about what you can do next with the WEA and other local providers. A Giving Information and Advice County Leaflet is available with useful local information. What Next? Leaflets are available from your tutor or Programmed Organizer to help you with your choices. If you would like to discuss what options are available or how to obtain guidance, please contact your Programmed Organizer.

Financial help
If you need help with paying for registration fees or childcare, you may be entitled to financial support. Ask your tutor for more information. We will treat all requests confidentially and with respect in accordance with our Learner Support Policy. (See Services for Learners leaflet.)

Help with learning
If you have a disability or learning difficulty, let us know as early as possible so that we can make arrangements to provide you with support. We will treat requests for help confidentially and with respect. Ask your tutor for more information. If you prefer, contact your Regional Office and ask to speak to someone about learning support. (See Services for Learners leaflet.)

Help with English, Math or Study Skills
You are also entitled to extra help and support with English, Math’s or Study Skills. Ask you tutor for more information. If you prefer, contact your Regional Office and ask to speak to someone about help with English, Math’s or Study Skills.

Sound interesting? Please contact Caroline on 0115 985 8203 or email

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