Women’s Right to Literacy

Women’s Right to Literacy – a new initiative launched by NIACE in partnership with the World Literacy Group

514 million women throughout the world are illiterate; many are unable to access effective educational programmes.

Gender equalities, greater participation by women in community and economic activities, as well as in their health and that of their families, could all be supported, enhanced and changed by literacy learning. In addition, the effectiveness of girls’ education would be increased through the development of women’s literacy.

I support these calls for action by The Literacy Working Group in the drive towards achieving the Education for All and Millennium Development Goals, in 2015. I call upon the key development agencies and organisations to take up the challenges.

Baroness Mary T Goudie
September 2012

Celebrate International Literacy Day and make a difference by supporting NIACE and the Literacy Working Group in these calls for action. You can do this by leaving a comment here, including your name, the organisation you work for and a link to your website.

For further information on the Women’s Right to Literacy initiative please download this PDF booklet Women and Literacy Live (PDF 390kb)

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