A Jolly Outing

Saturday saw the final session of the Websites for Micros course run from the WEA Training Room at the John Folman Centre in St Anns. The three week Saturday school concerned itself with setting up a small business website and methods for keeping it active. The course deployed WordPress as the base tool. We explored writing for online readers, search engine rankings, image optimisation, planning content, maintaining focus, choosing a domain name and tagging and bagging amongst other topics. Classes were lively and challenging as each learner had a different reason for wanting to be online with a website. The course is not overtly an IT experience, if one plans on a computer then the computer influences the planning. The group conceptualise first and then make the system meet their needs rather than plan to the system. Liberating stuff.

Some feedback from the course –

“The course has helped me focus my mind on establishing a business. Its increased my positive mental attitude.”

“I understand that most of what I want to use the blog for requires me to pay for it. Rubbish. Good to find out now”

“Got me out meeting people, out in a work environment and improved my techie skills.”

“I like the fact that the last session was quite open. What do the learners want to know now?”

” Useful, got to grips with the basics.”

The course was written and delivered by Lindsey Tasker and Alan Carter-Davies

Lindsey says,”The big realisation is that the easy part is setting it up, the hard part is keeping it going.”

Alan says, “Even if the site created during this course is not right for the business, the creator will gain a better understanding of what a website is and should be, leading to stronger and more controlled commissioning. “

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