Fading Faces Photographic Exhibition throughout May at Nottingham Central Library, Angel Row, Market Square.

Walk about the city and look up. Carved into the stone are any number of grotesques and reliefs. If you are very lucky you may even spot a gargoyle. A new exhibition has just opened at the Angel Row Library celebrating  this fading architectural art form.

Photographer Adam Mckillop says “If you look up at a gargoyle, grotesque or relief there’s a very good chance that it will be looking right back at you, through eyes that have ‘watched’ endlessly for hundreds of years…”

I say that a trip to the library to view this exhibition is a must for anyone interested in Nottingham’s architectural heritage. The crystal clear crisp images take all of the neck ache and bumping into things out of grotesque spotting. A good game to play whilst you are at the exhibition is the “Have I seen it?” game. If you haven’t then keep a sharp weathered eye out next time you are in the vicinity.

For more information about the exhibition and about Nottingham’s fine collection of gargoyles, grotesques and reliefs please visit http://www.fadingfaces.org/ 


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