Horror course a smash at the Broadway

The course worked well, particularly the practical aspects. Learners were really positive and interested and all contributed to practical discussions and debates. We did a practical exercise – the Gothic Book Club – where Learners brought in their favourite horror novel and gave a critique of the novel and how the horror element was portrayed by the author and how it was influential.

Next time, we plan to extend this to both literature and films. The general consensus was a course around Horror films held at the Broadway in the same Saturday school type format. We also watched a rare early horror film in the form of the German expressionist film Nosferatu, which, again, Learners found insightful and entertaining, judging by their comments:

‘We got the chance to watch an early horror film, Nosferatu, which was really interesting. A fab course!’
WEA Learner Chris Reed

If you missed this course then you missed a Horror treat by the sounds of it. Never fear though, course tutor Matt is keen to return with the course sequel, Tales of Terror, exploring films and literature in greater depth. (It seems that there is always a sequel in Horror somewhere along the line!)

Sound interesting?

 Please contact Caroline on 0115 985 8203 or email ckeep@wea.org.uk to get your place on the early enrollees list and receive priority enrollment when the course is officially announced.


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