Will you help us send a message to Westminster?

The government may be planning to make big cuts to adult education funding. This could mean fewer courses and higher fees. Will you help us send a message to Westminster?


Adult education receives only modest government funding, compared to other publicly funded services – but with adult education a little goes a long way and the benefits to individuals, and to society, far exceed the size of public investment.

At the WEA we receive a large part of our funding from government. This allows us to run more courses and fees are lower than they might otherwise be. It’s key to funding the valuable work we do all over the country, especially the courses in the most disadvantaged areas and for people taking their first steps back into learning.

The government may make large cuts to adult education funding (to be announced in the Comprehensive Spending Review in October). This could mean drastic reductions in the number of courses available, likely closure for some providers and increases in fees for students. We’ve running a campaign to encourage everyone who has been touched by adult learning to tell the government why it matters so much.

Help us to get the message across

Whether you are a student, tutor, supporter or activist, if adult education is important to you, we’re calling on your help. Please take the time to write to your local MP and tell them in your own words what adult learning means to you, how it has made a difference to your life or to your area or community, and why you think cuts to adult education would be a bad thing

You can find who your local MP is at: www.theyworkforyou.com

You can also write them an email directly at: www.writetothem.com

If you’re more directly involved in adult education, perhaps as a volunteer or tutor, you might like to consider adapting this example letter with details relevant to your own experience, organisation or part of the country.

The WEA is one of nine adult and community learning providers funded in a particular way and known as the ‘Specialist Designated Institutions’ (SDIs).
Please also add your name to this Save Adult Education petition if you think the work of the WEA and the other SDIs is important.

The Comprehensive Spending Review announcement is on October 20 so it’s vital to act fast. MPs say that it only takes 20 individual letters from constituents to make an issue a priority for them, so please help us make an impact for the future of adult education.

Your support could make a positive difference to the future of adult education in this country. Thank you.

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