Why blog? Making history


Back in April 2008 I was sat at my desk thinking about how I should write about the area where I was working at that time. I was based in Nottingham’s Hyson Green and Radford area. It would have been easy to write at length about all that was currently perceived to be wrong with the area. Litter, crime, visible poverty, tired housing stock – you know the kind of thing. Politically this area is known as Area 4. (There are 9 areas in the City of Nottingham) The area has a rich heritage, being home to such diverse properties as Grahame Greene, HP Sauce and the John Player sailor. The blog was written between April 2008 and December 2008 and researched online and in the local library during lunch breaks. During that time I posted 33 posts; each dealing with a different subject (mostly). Those 33 posts encouraged 56 comments from both local people and readers from around the globe. We had comments from Pakistan and Australia as well as the next street. The blog also attracted institutional readers. MACE (Media Archive for Central England http://www.macearchive.org/) got in touch with a link to some video of Hyson Green flats before they were demolished in the 60’s, for example.

Since I stopped posting articles to the blog in December 2008, there have been 5967 page views to date. This little personal history project has been read and commented on more than if I had published a short run booklet made available through the library service. Long live blogging, long live history and long live history blogs.

If you are engaged with a local history project don’t hide your research, publish it online and make your work a living entity. You will attract interested members of the public who well may contribute personal observations and first hand accounts of events that will enhance any article and endorse any research.

If you fancy doing this for yourself then get in touch. We are always happy to discuss new courses and new directions.

Contact: acarterdavies@wea.org.uk or Alan Carter-Davies 0115 9858203

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