Cuts to adult learning? Surely a big loss for the Big Society?

This was originally posted on by Lindsey. Some scary thoughts here and definitely scope for a coffee and a mull. Enjoy.

Pete Caldwell, WEA Regional Director, posted a story on 17 September 2010 about the possible implications of the Comprehensive Spending Review on adult education. In the post he says:

‘Ministers are having a tough time defending skills and lifelong learning’ and goes on to say, ‘adult learning in particular could be seen as a soft target.’

In such uncertain times it is more important than ever to keep focused and keep delivering good quality courses for adults out and about in the very communities that the Big Society is encouraging us to nuture.

So, what do we need to do? In the words of the WEA Regional Director:

  • ‘We must highlight the importance of adult community learning.’
  • ‘It is not a ‘soft area’ but makes a tangible, and evidenced, contribution to improving people’s lives in important areas.’
  • ‘Make sure that MPs and ministers, especially those involved in areas like health, Big Society, families and digitial inclusion, are fully aware of this.’

For the full post visit Pete’s blog:

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