71% of the UK has taken up broadband

According to Ofcom 71% of the UK has taken up broadband. This staggering number brings into sharp focus those who have yet to take the leap.  

Scanning the report http://stakeholders.ofcom.org.uk/binaries/research/cmr/753567/UK-internet.pdf (for the Internet and web based content section) makes for futuristic reading. The new age has officially arrived. Less time passivly consuming and more time creating seems to be the new way. Web 2.0 has arrived. Many of you reading this will thik to yourselves “So?” yet one must remember that if you are reading this then you are in the minority. 74% of people aged 65+ feel that they are not confident users of the internet. This age group constitutes only 6% of the active internet universe yet according to the National Statistics Online by 2034, 23% of the population is projected to be aged 65 and over compared to 18% aged under 16. Of course by 2034  some of us reading this will be in that 65+ age bracket.

I still can’t help wondering what the 29% of the population who haven’t yet made the leap online are thinking.

Of course, being online is hald the question. What are people doing online once they have achieved connectivity?

Social networking now accounts for a quarter of all time spent online.

Some 37 per cent of over 55s use email each day and 47 per cent use it weekly.

Usage of instant messaging declined from 14 per cent to 5 per cent.

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