Online event connects UK and European volunteers

An online event organised today by NIACE and the WEA, will review the recent work of Digital Activist Inclusion Network volunteers in the UK and will allow them to compare experiences with similar projects in other parts of the world. 

The Digital Activist Inclusion Network (DAIN) ( – run by WEA, NIACE, and CEFET – tests and delivers different approaches to challenging the digital divide across the East Midlands. The project trains and supports volunteers called Digital Activists, who are committed to sharing the benefits of using digital technology with their communities. 

Today’s online Eurolink event will enable Digital Activists in the UK to review their recent work  and to share information and receive feedback from contributors in Mexico, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland as Scotland.    

Partner contributions will be delivered in a series of short video montages which respond to a short video presentation about the DAIN project. ( 

 In addition to eight prepared presentations  Some partners will link live to the conference venue by Skype and a short conference summary available to anyone to watch via a live web cast  at 11.45 BST. 

Andria Birch DAIN project manager for WEA said: 

A key feature of the DAIN project is that volunteers develop their practices by learning from others so it has been great to have so many contributions. One of our German contributor was visiting Slovenia this week when his laptop broke as he was sending a  video. A local Apple computer shop in Ljubljana saved the day by letting him record and upload his video in the shop. 

Alastair Clark, Senior Programme Director for Digital Learning at NIACE, said:

‘Working with the WEA to pull this event together has been really exciting. It has been great to find so many colleagues around the world committed to digital inclusion who would spare the time to add to the discourse of the event. The rich mix has been achieved at a fraction of the cost of bringing delegates to Nottingham and with tiny carbon footprint.’

The online material for the event is now hosted on line  where you can  also find details of the live web cast at 11.45 BST. 


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