Nottinghamshire Loves Learning – Never Mind the Pollocks

Chris Lewis Jones at workOn a rather drab breezy Saturday a little poetry in motion took place in a car park in St Anns, Nottingham.

As part of the Nottinghamshire Loves Learning Big Weekend the WEA hosted Never Mind the Pollocks, a performance action painting event featuring jazz from the 1940’s and 50’s and artist Chris Lewis Jones.

Based loosely on the working practices of abstract expressionist painter Jackson Pollock the event explored the relationships between action paint strokes and music. Along the way onlookers leaned that painting on Perspex is actually painting backwards (the wet bit is the back of the painting!), that there is a strong relationship between paint strokes and music, that Jackson Pollock was the first of the now common place art superstars (think Damien Hirst etc for contemporary equivalents) and that Pollock died in a drink drive car crash with a passenger in tow, which is thought to be suicide/murder.

Chris Lewis Jones checks progressChris made two works during the three hour performance.  He also fielded questions about Pollock, art and being an artist.

Questions included:

  • How do you know when it’s finished?
  • How do you know where the paint is going to end up on the Perspex?
  • What is the significance of jazz in relationship to the painting?
  • Do you take commissions?

Aside from dodging the occasional rain cloud there were truly mesmerising moments during this event. I for one feel privileged to have observed an artist at work. It is not often one has the opportunity to see talent in action.

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