PC Virus Protection

Screen shot exert from Microsoft SiteThis is not really a WEA Area 6 news item, however Steven who maintains technology all across the East Midlands on our behalf originally gave this top tip to me. Who am I to argue with such a knowledgeable chap?

Many people use AVG as free anti virus protection on their home computers. I myself have used it for years, but despite this we noticed that Google was not performing properly and we suspected that our lowly kitchen laptop was poorly (and not just due to being covered in flour!)

Steven recommended Microsoft Security Essentials as an alternative to AVG. I must admit to be sceptical, I mean, Microsoft? Again? But none the less I dutifully tried and am now a convert.

It took an age to perform the initial computer scan but once done this little gem uncovered two Trojan viruses and a Worm virus that AVG had missed.

Here is the link so that you can download it yourself.


The software is free; the only proviso is that you are running a genuine copy of Windows. If you are not sure if your copy of Windows is genuine then install Security Essentials and it will tell you.

To find out more about Computer Virus’ click on this link to Wikipedia. 

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